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Futura Combo Vending Machine
Featured model: Futura Combo Vending Machine
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Presents Diverse & Eco-Friendly Combo Drink & Snack Machines

eVending is proud to manufacture and sell combo drink & snack machines. Our combo machines hold over 400 of your favorite snacks and beverages, from bags of assorted Lays potato chips, to a wide array of Pepsi or Coca Cola products. Our snack machines make use of several state of the art eco-friendly techniques to assure your vending business will consistently make you money, instead of wasting it. Through the use of energy efficient LED lighting, a modular refrigeration system, and foam insulation our machines are able to cut energy costs while still delivering a tasty drink or snack at the perfect temperature.

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Vending machines have been our specialty since 1931. Whatever your snack and soda needs, you've come to the right place.

eVending.com sells both tabletop and full-size commercial vending machines. We stock each vending machine with food and drink selections like Pepsi, Coke, water, candy, chips, pastries and crackers.

Flexible financing plans make it convenient for you to purchase our energy-efficient machines.

eVending.com excels in vending machine service with a network of 400 service centers nationwide. We also offer weekday technical support by phone and email.

Futura of Vending

eVending.com’s six-foot Futura combo vending machine has a total capacity of more than 400 snacks and beverages. It also features state-of-the-art self-diagnostics monitoring. With the Futura, your customers can choose from a wide variety of snacks like chips, crackers, candies and pastries, as well as a range of beverages like sodas, fruit juices, bottled waters and energy drinks.

The Futura’s eco-friendly design reduces your power consumption, while its digital electronic pricing system gives customers payment flexibility. Futura comes with a five-year limited parts warranty, in addition to nationwide local support and lifetime toll-free support.

Table Top Solution

If you’re looking for a compact vending solution, eVending.com's 25-inch-tall Table Top Snack Vending Machine has a total capacity of 150 items, including crackers, candies, chips and pastries. Like the Futura, this compact machine features an eco-friendly design and digital electronic pricing.

The Table Top gives you an option of 14 different snack and candy selections. This snack vending machine accepts small bills and makes change. With your purchase of the Table Top, you get a one-year parts warranty, as well as lifetime toll-free support and local support.

Based in Iowa, eVending.com is proud to continue a legacy of vending products that have been American-made since 1931. Our machines are manufactured in a 375,000-square-foot facility in Des Moines.

eVending.com has the knowledge and experience to satisfy our customers no matter what needs they might have. Check out our “Testimonials” tab above to read some comments from our loyal customers.

Cashless Vending

Card Reader
When you invest in the cellular-based credit card reader you also gain the ability to remotely monitor your vending machine transactions. Remote Vending Machine Monitoring allows you to login to your web based account anywhere you have access to the internet. Even with your web enabled Smartphone!

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eVending Offers Used Snack Machines For Sale

Those looking to break into the vending business should consider purchasing one of our used snack machines. Starting out with a used unit for your first vending machine will make for a more lucrative start because it requires much less of an initial investment. eVending offers used units that deal both in snacks or drinks separately. We also offer used snack machines in either standing or tabletop models, that way you’ll always be able to find a machine through us that will fit perfectly in whatever amount of space you have available. Be sure to ask if we have any used combo drink & snack machines.

Over 400 Support Locations for All Vending Machine Combos

eVending.com has over 400 service entities for the vending machine combo units we sell across the country. No matter where you end up starting your vending machine business, we’ll always be able to have someone ready to provide maintenance and technical support. Phone and online support are offered every weekday, and each machine comes with and extensive five-year limited warranty. Vendors that opt into adding a credit card reader on their machine are given the ability to monitor all transactions remotely from any device that can connect to the internet. Call us at 1-800-944-5524 with any questions about one of our vending machine combos or any of our other services.