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When asked about his vending experience thus far, one phrase came to mind: satisfied, with room to improve. “I was unfamiliar with the setup options and was in the dark about what product and the shapes and options of the vending choices, Glatting said. “Next time, I will spend more time learning about those aspects.”

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Jay Glatting

Testimonials from our satisfied customers.

We replaced an old vending machine in my office with a new Futura Combo from eVending.com, and my staff could not be happier. They all enjoy the wide variety of products they can purchase; especially the drink choices. Our old machine was limited to only bottles, but with our new Futura Combo we can do a mixture of cans and bottles, and that has lead to increased sales.

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I started searching online for machines when I could not find a local vendor willing to come to my office, which is how I found eVending.com. I called their customer support line with some basic questions, and they were extremely friendly and helpful. I did not have to wait on hold, or go through a large phone tree, I just got to speak directly to a person. I then did some more research, and decided to order online.

Our machine came when it was promised. We took advantage of their Premium Shipping and it was brought inside, taken out of the shipping crate and the waste was removed.

Stand Up For Animals loves their new vending machine!

Lil G. Stand Up For Animals
Westerly, RI

I was able to read through the manual and easily set up the pricing and get the machine running. I would recommend eVending.com to anyone looking to purchase vending equipment, as we have had a great experience.

Mario B., M.D. Meadows Medical, LLC
Galloway, OH

We looked at different machines that were available and decided on eVending.com. It was so easy to order. The machine arrived promptly and we got it set up in our apartment building for seniors and persons with disabilities. Our income from snacks and drinks has gone up considerably. Our residents really like the bottled drinks that we put in the machine.

Alice H. Williams Court Apartments
Savannah, GA

I would like to tell you how very much we like our eVending.com machine! We absolutely love the fact that it is made in the USA, and we also love the ease of loading the items into the machine. The fact that we can vend anything from 12 ounce cans up to 24 ounce bottles and everything in between is a great convenience. The people in our shop, plus the customers who come in, have all expressed the ease of using it and the wide variety of selection we are able to carry. When we ordered the machine it arrived in a good manner and time. I am so glad we made this choice!!!

Lois A. Admirial Hair Station
Tulsa, OK

The eVending.com Futura vending machine is the best combo vending machine out there. I purchased my first machine from another company, but the eVending machine hands down has them beat. The quality is great and it also vends two more drink selections than the other brand of machine. Easy to use, customer support and machine quality is why I have purchased several machines from eVending. If you are going to start a vending machine business, try the eVending machine. All my locations are telling me how they love the machine!

Eddie M. Vend Pro Service
Lake Worth, FL

My husband and I just opened a hair salon and dealt with public and private utilities, contractors, equipment manufacturers/distributors and we can say dealing with eVending was the EASIEST transaction. They returned e-mails and phone calls and the machine was delivered quickly. The machine “looks” cool and is Made in America. We are more than making the payment on the machine now with profits and will definitely see more as our client base expands. Our clients and staff are so happy we have a vending machine. We definitely recommend this company!

Terri & Howard Gore Salon
Irmo, SC

The City of Enid purchased the Futura snack & drink combo machine from eVending. We have been very satisfied with our new machine. We enjoy the freedom of stocking the items that our employees ask for. The purchase of our machine was very seamless. We had great customer support and questions were answered in a timely manner. I called the customer support number and actually got a real person who was knowledgeable and able to help me. Our machine was delivered to the City offices when we were told it would be. So far no surprises, which is good.

Becky D. City of Enid
Enid, OK

Thank you eVending.com for offering a US made product that is easy to use and offer us both versatility on the selection of products offered through it. We are very happy with our vending machine. The ordering process was very easy and customer support has been superb. Our machine arrived immediately and it was in service within minutes. The programming is simple and so far we have not had any problem with it. The product information in the website was to the point and it made it very easy to make our decision. I wish I would have found eVending.com before buying other machines that we have. I would definitely recommend anyone investing in a vending machine to consider eVending.

Juan R. C.E.O. Integrated Digital Technologies
Glendale, CA

I searched the web and found several different types of machines that I could get, and happened to stumble across eVending.com. I decided that the machine I was reading about looked like it could be a nice machine, so I called and talked with eVending to see how I would go about purchasing one. I had to have this machine placed in a basement of a bank, so they gave me all the options for delivery. I opted to take the one that had the machine placed in the location, uncrated and ready for me to start adding product. In all it took minutes to place the order and I was on my way to let the bank know that I had a machine coming to them. I have been in contact with eVending.com as they call from time to time to make sure all is going well for my company and their machine. I think it is great that they will take the time to make sure things are going well. As far as quality, this machine is very well built. The first thing I noticed when I opened the door for the first time was that the drink area was very easy to load. I love the way his machine loads. I can put in my bottled drinks as well as canned drinks. The vending machine is very easy to use. Inside the door it tells you what you have to push to make different selections for programming. I had it all programmed in no time at all. The latch on this machine is a great selling feature as well. I know when I lock the door, it is locked. When I need to open it, the lever comes out once you unlock it..

Jerry S. Shep’s Good Dog Vending
Perry, UT

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