Custom Branded Vending Machines

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Attract customers to your machine with a custom branded machine to increase sales!

Why custom design a vending machine?
Why settle for a plain, industrial-looking, black vending machine when you could feature your brand and attract customers with a custom branded machine? At eVending, we design, print, and install our custom branded wraps at our factory as soon as the machine gets off the production line.

From fitness centers to schools to barber shops and more, we ensure customers across all industries get an awesome looking machine! Custom branding not only offers the ‘cool’ factor, but will also increase your machine sales. Consumers are much more likely to use (and even see in the first place) a unique, brightly wrapped vending machine over a tired-looking, plain black one that blends into a location’s surroundings.

Custom branding engages consumers, adds style to the machines and promotes your brand through a design meaningful to the location. Schools can showcase their school mascot and pride through a customized vending machine. While businesses can gain brand recognition and increase employee morale by having their logo in front of staff and customers.

Want to get started?
Our marketing team is available to help you design the right look for your machines, or we can work with a design team of your choice. Our team can help create a concept to complement your existing company branding or an end location’s décor.

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