38 Selection Outdoor Food / Drink Vending Machine

The 38 selection outdoor food and drink vending machine for sale is a high security outdoor package, unmatched in food and beverage flexibility that is sure to make a great addition to your vending operation. This snack and beverage vending machine is a proven system for dispensing a wide variety of snacks, candy, beverages, and dairy products. Vend all of your customer’s favorites in this incredible outdoor vending machine for sale!

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Outdoor Vending Machine for cold foods-drinks

1-Year Warranty
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The advanced styling touch screen interface options create a sleek and easy to use interface that will help generate customer interest. You can vend a variety of snack, food, and drink selections from one machine! Whether you’re looking to vend cold juices, sodas, dairy products or food products from sandwiches to candy bars this machine will provide years of reliable service. With adjustable temperature zones (20 degree variance) you can tweak the temperature of your products. This machine is capable of vending 38 standard items with a capacity of 238 food items and 114 beverage items. Our 38 Selection outdoor vending machine for sale is an all-around high security package with impact resistant Lexan window cover, rain guards and anti-pry covers that provide superior resistance to the elements, vandals, and thieves. You also have an optional alarm that will sound when the machine is tipped or the door is opened without authorization.
This food and drink vending machine for sale includes full featured controller with sales and accounting. It allows for price setting ($0 to $9,999.95) by selection, row or machine. These features also include free vend and combo vend modes as well as time of day shutdown modes and secured vend times. This snack and drink vending machine includes an electronic coin changer and bill acceptor as well as our money back vend sensing technology. Additionally you can offer your customers adding a credit / debit and mobile reader payment options. Enjoy MDB support for all industry standard devices on this large vending machine. The 38 Selection Outdoor Food / Drink vending machine for sale is eco-friendly and energy efficient and is also ADA compliant. This high security outdoor snack and beverage vending machine is best in class energy efficiency. Vend your favorite beverages, snacks, foods, or sports drinks all in one large vending machine. Adjustable snack and food selections have configurable trays to fit almost any package size in the field with no need for tools. Whether you are vending cold juices, sodas, dairy products or food options like sandwiches, and candy bars, this is the perfect outdoor vending machine.

  • Rain guards / Anti-pry door guards / Impact resistant window cover
  • Vends refrigerated snacks and beverages
  • Movable barrier tray allows you to adjust temperature zones
  • Health safety feature on all trays
  • Pull-out, tilt trays for easy loading
  • Adjustable food flex trays can fit many shapes of products
  • Electronic coin changer and bill acceptor
  • Credit/Debit card reader ready
  • iVend® product delivery sensor equipped
Selections38 Items
Capacity398 Items
Height72″ (183 cm)
Width41″ (104 cm)
Depth38″ (97 cm)
Net Weight791 Lbs. (varies with options)
Super 1/3 HP, R-134a or R-513a Closed System