28 Selection Executive Frozen Food Vending Machine

The 28 Selection Executive frozen food vending machine for sale delivers frozen foods in a sleek package and is an excellent choice for serving your locations. This frozen vending machine offers 28 standard selections with a capacity of 320 items. You can offer your customers a wide variety of frozen meals, sandwiches, wraps, ice cream, and desserts.

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28 Selection Executive Series Frozen Food Vending Machine

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This frozen food vending machine for sale uses next generation airflow to ensure that your products are kept at the correct temperature. Product temperature has a range of -15°F through 36°F for optimum freshness. This machine is best in class energy efficient and has time of day shutdown modes, which will keep your costs low.Our glass front with energy efficient LED lighting allows maximum visibility for product purchases, reduces shopping, and provides an always full appearance. This frozen food vending machine for sale features a heated glass front which will keep your 28 selection vending machine appearing clean and clear for optimal product visibility.

This is a useful frozen meal and ice cream vending machine for sale, featuring first-in-first-out product loading with easy load pull out trays. It is equipped with the latest in electronic controls, electronic coin changer and bill acceptor as well as our money back vend sensing technology. Our frozen vending machines offer MDB support for all industry standard devices including cash, coin, debit, and credit systems.

The executive frozen food vending machine has full featured controller with sales and accounting features. Prices can be set by selection, row, or machine and can range from $0 to $9,999.99 with programmable coupon and token values. You will have the option for free vend and combo vend modes and time of day discounting.

eVending is a industry leading and trusted frozen food vending machine manufacturer. All of our frozen vending machines are ADA compliant and ready to accommodate all customers. Our large keypad with Braille identified keys is friendly to touch and easy to use.

The 28 selection vending machine is one of the most versatile and profitable food machines available.

Height: 72″
Width: 29.5″
Depth: 38″
Weight: 680 lbs (Varies with options)
Electric Service: 115VAC/60Hz | 13 amps
Capacity: 320 Items
Selections: 28 Items