Cold and Frozen Food Vending Machines

eVending offers a range of cold and frozen food vending machines that will give your customers more food selections than a classic snack machine. You can vend a variety of food and snacks with any one of our cold or frozen food machines. Our refrigerated food vending machines are the complete food solution for workplace lunchrooms, or any other location that could use additional food options.

Our frozen food machine delivers food in a sleek and compact package that is ideal for covering your cold food vending needs. It can vend many meal and snacking options that are sure to keep your customers happy. Our refrigerated food vending machine is ready to handle hard frozen package items as well as slack frozen items and is capable of vending items such as sandwiches, wraps, microwavable meals, desserts in addition to other frozen snack items.

If your operation isn’t in need of a frozen food vending machine, eVending has additional cold food options for your operation. You will certainly find that one of our cold food vending machines fits your vending needs. Allow one of our cold food vending machines to provide your customers with a variety of snacking options that are chilled to perfection. Our refrigerated vending machines will keep your chocolate and candy items from melting and can keep items such as sandwiches and wraps cold and ready to go.

Our vending refrigerated / frozen food vending machines are designed with airflow technology and the latest in electronic controls to ensure that your frozen items are properly vended. eVending cold food vending machines are also equipped with a premium coin changer and bill acceptor in addition to our money back guaranteed vending technology, this refrigerated vending machine is a great addition to serve your location. The versatile and adjustable food flex trays will allow you to vend varying product shapes and sizes to provide ultimate customer satisfaction.