Go Cashless

buy vending machinesIn such a technologically advanced age, it is surprising anyone carries cash anymore. In a few more decades, physical currency may become obsolete. There are already talks of getting rid of coins. So what does this mean for vending machines? Well, many vending machines for sale are already making the switch to cashless, or rather, they accept both cash and debit/credit cards.

Utilizing one of our vending machines for sale that accepts credit and debit cards will open up your customer base. If most of the people you know rarely carry cash, do you expect them to ever have enough to buy something  from a vending machine? Obviously not. With a variety of payment options, you will never miss a potential sale. In a world that is already seeing other financial solutions, you, too, should stay ahead of the curve. Card-accepting machines also allow you to place vending machines in areas that might not have generated many sales before because of cash-only options.

eVending is proud to offer a wide selection of machines to meet customers’ needs, as well as offer flexible financing options. In the blink of an eye, you will have a vending machine fully stocked and ready to offer food and beverages to your customers!