Fresh Coffee Around the Clock

eVendingCoffee and college go together like milk and sugar, but do students always have access to their favorite caffeinated beverage? While most college campuses feature a Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or some kind of coffee cafe, these establishments typically close their doors in the evening, leaving students hunting for sodas in their hallway combo vending machines. However, a new machine at Hampshire College in Massachusetts is giving college-goers a brand new way to grab a cup of joe.

According to Fresh Healthy Vending, the all new “Cafe” machine will keep hardworking students caffeinated all through the wee hours of the night. While many drink vending machines have pre-packaged frapuccinos, the Cafe machine will fresh brew a cup of coffee for every order, giving Hampshire attendees 24-7 access to that signature coffee shop taste. This machine will likely see heavy use all throughout the school year, especially in May when finals week draws near.

Vending machines and universities have always had a strong relationship, and machines are evolving to meet the needs of students better than ever before. Whether you employ the use of a forward thinking coffee machine or a classic combo vending machine, one thing is for sure: A vending-friendly campus is a happy one!