Remote Vending Machine Monitoring & Credit Card Capability for Cashless Vending

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Greenlite wireless credit card reader for mobile payment options

Our vending machines have supported credit card readers for several years. Over the past few years our credit card readers have become more commonly seen with vending machines. The innovative cashless vending technology is growing in demand as consumers become more and more comfortable with cashless transactions. Customers feel more comfortable knowing they are using a secure vending machine payment system from a reputable company and are more willing to swipe their credit card for vending purchases. Allowing credit card purchases increases sales.

Futura Combo vending machines give you the opportunity to offer cashless vending transactions, in addition to coin and bill acceptance. This cashless vending system puts you in a better position to capture every possible snack and drink vending product sale. Ultimately allowing you to sell more product from your vending machines in an effort to increase your vending profits! Give your customers the option of an easy credit card swipe machine.

When you invest in cellular-based vending machine card readers you also gain the ability to remotely monitor your vending machine transactions. Remote Vending Machine Monitoring allows you to login to your web based account anywhere you have access to the Internet. Even with your web enabled Smartphone!

Ease in managing cashless vending transactions is a must in todays fast-paced world. Keep all the information you need about your venidng business at your fingertips with any mobile devise. Log in anytime you want to monitor cash flow making your schedule more flexible. You set your own hours and let the vending machines do all the work.

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Monthly hosting and merchant fees apply with active card reader services.

The eVending warranty for the optional Greenlite wireless card reader is for a 1-Year period.