Your Break Room is the Perfect Place for Small Vending Machines

You have carved out a small room that your employees can use as a break room and now you want to be able to provide them with access to snacks that they can munch on during their breaks. You tried the honor box only to find out that at least one of your employees had no honor and the cash kept coming up short. We have small vending machines that are perfect for just such a situation.

Our Small Vending Machines Can Sit On a Countertop or Table

As space is an issue and you don’t want to take up half their new break room with a full size vending machine, you might want to consider looking at our selection of small vending machines. These machines will provide a selection of 14 different snacks to ensure that your employees have plenty to choose from and with a capacity of 150 snacks it won’t run out in a hurry.