Vending in the News: Students Engage in Healthy Vending Activities

eVendingWhether you have been keeping up with recent vending news or have simply taken a look at the machines around you, one thing is clear: healthy vending is here to stay. There are plenty of low-calorie snacks that make a suitable replacement to the typical greasy treats found in most snack vending machines, and machine owners and operators are starting to make big changes. In Asheville, North Carolina, it is not just vending machine companies making big changes: seventh grade students have been putting their algebra studies to work by coming up with ways to make the vending experience both satisfying and calorie conscious.

Evergreen Community Charter School has been named a Green Ribbon school for its commitment to healthy and environmentally-friendly products, and the school has been using its own students to figure out the healthy vending guidelines for new machines. Students were tasked with figuring out things such as pricing, environmental impact, and types of snacks that would fit into a combo vending machine. The school has already met Green Ribbon guidelines for its hot lunches, and is well on its way towards implementing them into vending machines. If you are looking to start a healthy, eco-friendly vending movement of your own, our vending machines for sale make a great place to start!