Small Vending Machines Are Perfect for Tight Spaces

Not everywhere you go to install a vending machine is going to have room for a full size free standing machine. In fact as you start to expand your business, you are likely to come across a large number of places that only have room for something smaller. When this happens, you will find that our small vending machines will more that fit the bill.

Our Small Vending Machines Pack a Big Punch

While our small vending machines might be small in stature, they make up for it in the number of snacks and treats they hold. You can load them with 14 different selections for a total of 150 snacks including chips, candy and pastries, enough to satisfy everyone. These machines accept both $1 and $5 bills and can be fitted with a credit card reader so that everyone can get the snacks they want, even when they have no cash.