SB16 Single Brew Coffee Vendor

The easy to use counter top design of the SB16 Single Brew coffee pod vending machine is ideal for break areas. This vending machine provides professional, secure dispensing of single serve coffee pods, including K-Cup®. The compact size allows for placement on a standard 36” counter top with 18” cabinet to counter spacing making this single brew coffee pod and K-Cup® vending machine ideal for counter top merchandising. Our coffee pod dispenser machine also features a glass front display with simple live menu changeability that can be adapted to the coffee pod selections that you offer.

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SB16 Single Brew Coffee Pod Vendor

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The SB16 vending machine offers 16 selections of single brew coffee pods and 16 items per selection, making for a combined capacity of 256 items. Our first-in-first-out vending will ensure proper product rotation so the oldest coffee pods will sell first. Electronic product pricing for this K-cup vending machine for sale can range from $0 to $9.999.99. The coffee pod machine is programed to accept $1 and $5 bills, but it is settable for $10 and $20. Additionally, you can opt to have a credit card reader instead of the bill acceptor. The simple and reliable dispensing and payment systems of this machine will integrate smoothly into your current vending business as well as increase sales opportunities.

Our coffee pod vending machine is equipped with the latest technology for coffee vending, including energy saving LED lighting for enhanced product visibility and an iVend® vending machine drop sensor for product vend every time. This coffee pod dispenser has a standard keypad with Braille identification for sight impaired customers as well as MDB support for industry standard payment systems and is DEX capable.

With this coffee pod dispenser you can vend what your customers want and keep all their favorite K-Cup® and coffee pods available for easy purchases. Individual coffee selections are your choice. With this vending machine, you can stock popular seasonal items during holidays, or fast selling standard coffee or tea choices.

* K-Cup is a registered trademark of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. There is no affiliation with between and Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

Dimensions: 26.3″ Wide X 23.8″ Deep X 17.6″ Tall
Ship Weight: 151 lbs (Varies with options)
Electric Service: 115VAC/60Hz | 2.5 amps
Capacity: 256 items
Selections: 16 Selections