Futura snack and soda combo vending machine

The Futura Combo Vending Machine is the most versatile and high capacity snack, candy, and drink combo vending machine on the market. The Futura combination vending machine vends nine (9) drink/beverage selections for cans and bottles and 20 snack, candy, and food selections for pastries, chips, candy, and healthy vending food products.

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SKU: 9 Drinks & 20 Snacks

The Futura Combo soda and snack vending machine has many features that make it a great choice for any location.

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The Futura Combo Snack and Drink Vending Machine has digital electronic pricing and allows for accounting mode to monitor cash and vending sales data that can be monitored by row, tray, or the entire machine. The Futura drink and snack combo vending machine accepts coins, tokens, $1-20 bills and has an internal, automatic vertical dollar bill stacker. The Futura Combo Snack and Drink Vending Machine is equipped with iVend’s guaranteed vending machine drop sensors. The Futura Combo Snack and Drink Vending Machine features an eco-friendly design with low power consumption. The Futura soda and snack vending machine has energy efficient dual area L.E.D. crisp lighting and uses a single power cord with low power consumption of only 2.5 Amps.

The Futura combination vending machine is compatible with our Greenlite wireless credit card reader. Greenlite is a cellular-based credit card reader that allows you to remotely monitor your drink and snack vending machine’s transactions. Greenlite’s remote vending machine monitoring platform allows you to login to your web-based account from anywhere you have access to the internet including smartphones!
The Futura Combo Snack and Drink Vending Machine is ADA Compliant and is Manufactured in the USA. It features a 5-Year Limited Parts Warranty as well as Free Lifetime Toll-Free Support and Nationwide Local Support.

Curbside Shipping is included in the price of each soda and snack combo vending machine and takes approximately typically two (2) to four (4) business days once the vending machine is shipped from the factory depending on customer location. Curbside Shipping includes shipping the drink and snack vending machine directly from our factory to curbside at the delivery address. Premium Delivery service which includes inside placement and uncrating of the combination vending machine as well as the disposal of all packing materials is available for an additional $150 per machine.

Capacity217 – Snack Items, 136 – Beverage Items
Ship Weight621 lb
Selections29 Items
Snack SectionBeverage Section
5 – Large Chips & Pastry Selection(HCCT) selections
6 – Medium Snack Selection4 – 12oz High Capacity Can Tray
9 – Candy Selection5 – Bottle/Can Tray selections