Elite Series Snack 6W

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Elite Series Snack 6W

Change the way your customers experience vending with our new line of Elite Series Vending Machines. This series is a new line of machines that brings together the latest in vending technology and attractive styling. 

The Elite Series Snack 6W Vending Machine offers 71 selections and a total capacity of 663 items. However, by adding an optional 7th tray, you can offer your customers up to 83 selections and hold up to 773 items in your machine. 

Unlike many vending machines on the market, the Elite Series Snack 6W is fully ADA compliant. This means all usability components including the machine’s ergonomic customer interface, payment systems and delivery bin are between 15” to 48” from the floor to ensure all customers can use your machine with ease.

Increase profitability and efficiency using a large snack vending machine with a card reader. It features LED lighting that is some of the brightest in the industry, meaning that your products are displayed prominently for your customers. 

Never disappoint your customers again with the iVend Guaranteed delivery system. If an item does not vend correctly, your customer will receive their money back to try again for the same product, or choose something different. 

In addition to the full-size 7th tray option, there are a myriad of optional features available with the Elite Series Snack 6W.  For example, the 10.1” touch screen display option allows customers to browse products with ease and view nutritional information, including calorie count and serving size, which is in compliance with the FDA’s Calorie Disclosure Rule. Customers also have the capability to purchase up to three items in just one transaction. For you, having a touch screen means having additional advertising opportunities, as it has options for static and video content. 

Payment will no longer be an issue with the Elite Series Snack 6W machine when you include the optional Greenlite Cashless card reader. This new vending machine already has the capability to accept cash/coin payments, cashless payments, such as credit/debit cards and other mobile wallets. Plus, PayRange is a standard feature on this machine, so missing out on sales due to payment issues is a thing of the past.

Selections Up to 71 items (6 Flex Steel Trays)

Up to 83 items (7 Flex Steel Trays)

Capacity 633 Items (6 Tray)

252 Snack-Pastry/381 Candy)

773 Items (7 Tray)

(296 Snack-Pastry/477 Candy)

Payment Systems All Industry standard MDB compatible devices
Electrical Requirements Domestic: 115 VAC/60Hz, 1.2 AMPS

International: 230 VAC/50Hz, 0.6 AMPS

Data Communications DEX/UCS
Height: 72″ (183 cm)
Width: 46″ (116.8cm)
Depth: 35.2″ (89.4cm)
Ship Weight 626 lbs (283.9 kg)
Options Credit/Debit Card Reader

*Varies with tray configuration and options