6 Selection Drink Vending Machine

Price: $3,735.00

The 6 Selection Drink Vending Machine’s space saving design makes it a great choice for drink vending. This machines small footprint allows you to vend refrigerated beverages in tight spaces that a traditional size machine wouldn’t allow. The 6 selection drink vending machine is ready to serve and would be a great addition to any vending business.

Price: $3,735.00

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6 Selection Drink Vending Machine has a variety of options to vend cans or bottles.

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    Call us at 1-800-944-5524

This drink machine has a double depth high capacity bottle / can system that has the ability to vend 144 bottles, 312 cans or a combination of both bottles and cans. This feature gives you the versatility to serve your customers or employees the beverages they most desire. With the ability to vend both cans and bottles you can vend a variety of beverages such as soda, water, sports drinks, or whatever other drink selections your customers want.

This machine is equipped to vend most beverage containers on the market. Vending options include; twelve (12) ounce cans, twenty (20) and twenty-four (24) ounce bottles, as well as larger sixteen (16) ounce water bottles.

This 6 selection drink vending machine is ENERGY STAR® Rated and has an environmentally friendly R-134a refrigeration system. It is capable of MDB and DEX communication and has additional full sales and accounting features.

This drink vending machine’s payment options include a standard electronic coin acceptor and $1 and $5 bill acceptor. It has a secondary peripheral opening for credit / debit card reader or other cashless payment options.

Keep your customers happy with this drink machine’s guaranteed product delivery system, iVend®. iVend® uses infrared technology to sense whether or not your customer received their product and will return their credit if the vending cycle doesn’t produce the selected product after the second full rotation.

Your products will sell themselves with this drink vending machine’s bright “live” product display. The large Braille identified keypad makes drink selection easy for all customers. Additionally, the 6 Selection Drink Vending Machine is ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) compliant.

Dimensions:21″ Wide X 33.5′ Deep X 72″ Tall
Weight:538 lbs
Electric Service:115VAC/60Hz | 2.5 amps
Capacity:312 – 12 oz. Can
144 – 20 oz. Bottle
Selections:6 items