42 Selection Single Zone Food / Drink Vending Machine

Our 42 Selection Single Zone Food / Drink refrigerated vending machine is ready to vend cold foods, dairy products, beverages, and more! This merchandiser is a top of the line system for dispensing a wide variety of refrigerated foods, beverages, and dairy products. As one of our most profitable and versatile machines, the 42 Selection Single Zone will make an excellent addition to your vending operation.

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Single Temperature Cold Food & Drink Vending Machine

1-Year Warranty
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Need Financing?

This 42 selection vending machine’s food and beverage flexibility is unmatched. Re-configure the flex trays to fit a wide variety of package sizes. Additionally, our versatile steel beverage trays will hold up to 54 canned or bottle beverages, making this a great option for those needing a cold drink vending machine. Load your vendor with forty-five (42) standard items including 134 food items and 162 beverage items.

This single zone, cold food and drink vending machine is equipped with the latest in electronic controls. This machine comes standard with premium currency acceptors, including the standard electronic coin acceptor and $1 and $5 bill acceptor. Stay current with payment trends by taking advantage of this machines standard peripheral opening ready to house a credit / debit and mobile payment system. Our price setting features allow for price setting by selection, row, or machine as well as free vend and combo vend modes and even time of day discounting. Cold food and drink vending machine selection pricing can be set from $0 to $9,999.99. This machine has MDB support for all industry standard devices.

This food and drink vending machine has many features that make it an energy efficient merchandiser. The 42 Selection Single Zone has an Eco-friendly refrigeration system, balanced airflow design, LED lighting, a balanced air-flow design and more! This machine only uses 4.2 Kwh / day at 75 degrees Fahrenheit, 45% RH based on refrigerating 34.6 cubic feet of space.

In addition to all of its great features, this cold food & drink vending machine is Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) ready and also features a keypad with Braille identification that will help better serve your customers no matter what their needs!

Vend it all from one refrigerated vending machine. Featuring a NEW glass front, this machine vends cold foods, drinks, dairy products, and more!

This refrigerated vending machine for sale dispenses cold foods, dairy products, beverages and more!
Beverage trays designed for can and bottled beverage dispensing.
Versatile and adjustable trays and selections for varying products.
Health safety for ensured product freshness.
Equipped with product delivery sensor guaranteeing product or your money back.
Individually priced selections.
Optional heated glass.

Selections42 Items
Capacity296 Items (134 Food Items; 162 Beverage)
Payment SystemsCoin Acceptor and $1 & $5 Bill Acceptor Standard
Electrical Requirements115 VAC, 9.5 Amps (230 VAC, 4.8 Amps)
Height72″ (183 cm)
Width41″ (104 cm)
Depth38″ (97 cm)
Shipping Weight791 Lbs. (Varies with options)
Environmentally Friendly Super 1/3 HP, R-134a or  R-513a Closed System