Dual Zone Vending Machine with 40 Selections

This vending machine has refrigerated and non-refrigerated zones, meaning that it is best when you need to vend drinks and snacks. You can do it all in one dual zone vending machine. 40 selections of snacks or drinks are available for more customer satisfaction.

Dual Zone Vending Machine avaliable with 40 selections of chilled or non chilled items.

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Dual zone vending machine is perfect when you are looking to vend different types of items. For snack and candy, it has a non refrigerated area. Drinks and sodas are vended through the refrigerated zone keeping them at the optimal temperature. The flexibility of this snacks and drinks vending machine is great for the first time vendor or a business owner looking to expand their vending selections. Dual Zones with adjustable temperatures allow this to serve a beverage and snack vending machine with 20 degree variance
Vends 12 & 16 oz. cans and 16, 20 and 24 oz. plastic bottles
20 Drink Selections – 120 item Drink Capacity
20 Snack Selections – 235 item Snack Capacity (vends a variety of chips, snacks and candy)
iVend Delivery Sensor System
Programmable LED credit display
Backlit keypad with Braille identification
GVC 2 Board
Versatile and adjustable trays and selections for varying products