38 Selection Combo Vending Machine

38 selections of snacks, drinks, or food are available in one glass front combo vending machine available for sale from eVending. Our 38 selection combo vending machine features adjustable food flex trays that can fit many shapes of products. Comes equipped with electronic coin changer and bill acceptor, and is credit/card reader ready. iVend product delivery sensor guarantee product delivery or money back insuring more customer satisfaction.

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38 selection Combo Vending Machine for snacks and sodas

1-Year Warranty for the 38 selection combo vending machine
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Customers are looking for lots of choices when it comes to snacks and beverages from a vending machine and that is exactly what the 38 selection combo vending machine will give them. A high volume of products are available in this snack and soda vending machine. Increase your business profits with a 38 selection combo vending machine.Snack & Drink product guaranteed vend sensors equipped for best customer interaction. Soda & snack vending machine has 38 selections with a 398 item capacity allowing a wide variety of choices pleasing any palate. Standard Shipping is included in the price of each food and drink combo vending machine for sale (typically 2-4 business days once shipped from the factory depending on customer location).

Our 38 Selection Combo Vending Machine is the perfect machine to vend snacks and drinks for a high traffic area earning you more profitability. Your customers are sure to find just the right choice with this glass front large combo vending machine for sale. Each food and drink vending machine has the ability to offer 38 selections with a capacity of 398 items. Customizable trays give you the owner operator the option of putting fast selling items at eye level for increased sales. This snack and soda machine’s glass front helps with product identification letting customers see exactly what they are choosing. The 38 selection combo machine is also available as an outdoor vending machine offering customers products any time they choose. Business hours are no longer a factor with an outdoor vending machine.

Product Detail for 38 Selection Combo Vending Machine

Height: 72″
Width: 41″
Depth: 38″
Selections: 38 Items
Capacity: 398 Items
Weight: 791 lbs. (varies with options)