30 Selection Combo Vending Machine

Price: $6,750.00

This 30 selection vending machine is designed to provide the best food service available by offering a combination of refrigerated food and beverages. This refrigerated food and beverage machine can dispense a wide variety of packaged meals, sandwiches, salads, dairy, fresh fruit, juices, carbonated beverages and more! This vendor is one of the most versatile and profitable food machines available.

Price: $6,750.00

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30 Selection Combo (5W Single Zone Elevator) Refrigerated Food & Beverage Vending Machine

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Products dispensed from this machine are softly served via a patented elevator delivery system. This food and beverage machine is equipped to vend a wide variety of package and bottle sizes to give your customers a wide range of choices. You can re-configure the trays to suit most package sizes in the field to support your products. This vendor can be stocked with 115 food items and 58 beverage items. This food and beverage vending machine has LED lighting for enhanced product presentation to promote sales.The premium currency acceptors on this vending machine have multi drop computer bus (MDB) support. Offer your customers multiple payment options by taking advantage of this machines credit / debit card reader options in addition to the standard electronic coin acceptor and $1 and $5 bill acceptor.

This vending machine comes with full featured controller with sales and accounting options. Our 30 selection food and beverage combo machine has price setting by row, selection, or machine and even has free vend and combo vend modes. This machine is Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant and features a back lighted keypad with Braille identification to serve all customers no matter what their physical needs are.

Our energy efficient, 30 selection combo vending machine only uses 4.2 Kwh/day at 75°F (24°C), 45% RH. This food and beverage machine has a balanced airflow design, an eco-friendly refrigeration system, and energy saving programmable shut down modes to save energy and keep operating costs low.

Dimensions:41″ Wide X 38″ Deep X 72″ Tall
Weight:975 lbs
Electric Service:115VAC/60Hz | 2.5 amps
Capacity:163 items
Selections:30 items