23/6 Combo Vending Refreshment Center

The 23 snack and 6 drink combo vending refreshment center is a great choice to offer your customers the selections they want. The compact food and drink vending machine unit offers the ability to vend 23 selections of chips, candy, gum, mints, and pastries as well as 6 selections of drink options in cans or bottles. Combo vending refreshment center has a small footprint and low energy usage making it eco friendly. This drink and snack combo vending machine also features a built in security and quality construction for years of use.

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Offer your customers high-quality vending with the Compact 23/6 combo vending refreshment Center. The compact size of this snack and drink vending machine provides amazing versatility and variety for the smaller location. This refreshment center vending machine features fully customizable flex trays with adjustable height and spacing gives you the owner operator the ability to offer the snack and drink choices your customers want.  Product recognition with live product display is enhanced by this dual vending machine’s LED lighting and glass front.