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Don’t send your employees off-site for snacks. Ensure they have snack vending machine options on-site to stay productive and focused in your workplace. In fact, research has shown that workforce productivity and morale increases by ensuring employees can satisfy their hunger without leaving the facility.
eVending offers a wide variety of candy and snack vending machines for sale that can be filled today’s most popular snack options from savory to sweet including chips, pastries, candy, and healthy snack options. When you purchase a food vending machine from eVending, you know you are getting the best.

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eVending’s candy and snack vending machines for sale provide a superior snack vending experience. All of our snack vending machines offer the latest technology such as the iVend guaranteed product delivery system. With iVend, infrared sensors detect if a product falls into the delivery area. If not, it triggers a refund. In addition, our candy and snack vending machines for sale can accept cashless payment from a credit / debit card or mobile device, making them the most convenient place to shop.

Our candy and snack vending machines offer a wide variety of configuration options and our versatile, adjustable food trays allow you to offer customers snack selections of many shapes and sizes. From our compact Table Top Snack Vending Machine to our high capacity 40 Selection Snack Vending Machine, we have the ideal food vending machine solution for companies of all sizes.

As the factory direct supplier, eVending features a large inventory of candy vending machines and snack vending machines in-stock and available for immediate shipping. Call us today to learn more about which candy and snack vending machine would be perfect for your location.