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‘Green’ Vending Machines Sprouting up in Sussex County

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A brother – sister duo in Millsboro have smart ideas when it comes to eating healthy. The siblings from Sussex County created a company called Crave Smart so they can make healthy eating accessible and affordable.

Kristi Gamuciello and her brother Ryan Stuart created an eco-friendly and energy efficient vending machine that distributes healthy snack and drink options. Currently, their machine is in Dance Alley dance studio in Millsboro and is a huge hit.

“We use it as a reward,” said Jamie Swartz, as her daughter got ready for class. “She comes and does a good job at dance, then she can pick a snack out.

” Swartz and other dancers eat fruit snacks and popcorn before they start ballet classes. The machine also serves apple sauce, granola bars, organic milk, fig newtons, nuts, and dried fruit. It fits perfectly into a wellness minded place like a dance studio.
“Dance promotes good health and it’s great to be able to offer a healthy alternative to our students as opposed to sodas & candy bars,” said Cheryl Hickman, the owner of Dance Alley.

Gamuciello explained how the idea came to her one day.

“Between taking my kids to dance, swimming, the park, the beach, I was always carrying around snacks and looking for healthy snacks to tote,” she said, who added that she found a shortage of healthy snacks around Sussex County.

Gamuciello already sees the machine improving people’s food choices.

“People are buying a lot of snacks from it, less Mc Donald’s bags and more goldfish and chocolate milk,” Gamuciello said.

Crave Smart machines use about the same energy as a refrigerator, which is significantly less than a regular soda vending machine. The machines are made in Iowa and feature LED lights. Crave Smart is looking to expand to other locations like the Boys & Girls Club, police barracks, schools & fitness centers.