Did you know the keypads on vending machines are
breeding grounds for germs and viruses?

Get a safer vending machine now!

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eVending’s Futura Combo Vending Machine is equipped with our groundbreaking UV light sanitization technology, UVend Technology. UVend makes the high-touch surfaces – the keypad and delivery door – on vending equipment safer by killing or inactivating up to 99.9% viruses and bacteria.

Our best-selling Futura Combo features a 5-Year Limited Parts Warranty and lifetime factory-direct technical support.

eVending’s machines are proudly manufactured in Des Moines, Iowa with over 90 years of vending experience.

Do you want a safer vending machine?
Up to 99.9% Effective
UVend Technology is up to 99.9% effective against some of the most common viruses and bacteria.
Independently Tested
UVend Technology has been independently tested by accredited third-party testing labs.
Kills or Inactivates Viruses
The purpose of UVend Technology is to kill or inactivate viruses and bacteria quickly.
Financing Options
For a limited time, when you purchase a Futura Combo Vending Machine with UVend Technology from eVending, can get 0% Financing for a full year. Get approved today for this limited time financing offer by completing our safe, easy online credit application.
Patent-pending UVend Technology makes the high-touch surfaces of vending machines safer by quickly killing or inactivating some of the most common viruses and bacteria, including influenza and the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2).*
Sanitize with the Power of UVend Technology
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See UVend Technology in Action
*Disclaimer: eVending automated dispensing equipment with the UVend Technology Ultraviolet-C (UVC) system directs UVC light onto the keypad and delivery door surfaces when the machine is not in use, killing or inactivating bacteria, viruses and other contaminants that might otherwise be passed on to the user of the machine through these high-touch surfaces. When used properly, UVC light is a proven, safe, and effective sanitization method. For more information about the proper use and effectiveness of UVC light as a sanitization method, please visit evending.com/uvend-disclaimer.
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