Lifetime Technical Support

buy vending machinesThe vending machine, like any product one purchases, is subject to problems. Although we guarantee the quality of our combo vending machines, there may be a time when coins get stuck in the machine, a bag of chips does not fall down properly, or the credit card reader fails to work. And it is in these times that customers need support.

What kind of support can you expect from eVending? The purchase of a Futura vending machine comes with lifetime, toll-free technical phone support. With direct support, there is no time wasted speaking with a machine to solve any problems or answer any questions. Our team is here to answer questions about loading the machine, troubleshooting issues, energy usage, and anything else you can think of. Not only can you call, you can send an email if the problem is not urgent–although we will still respond as quickly as possible.

Need local assistance? eVending has over 400 vending service centers nationwide. We can help you find a local center in your area so that your vending machine is fully operational quickly. We even provide detailed manuals on all our machines right on our website. How many other companies are going to offer you such great support?