Do You Need a Vending Machine for Your Break Room?

Every week you check the money box or envelope that goes to the honor snack box and count the number of missing snacks and every week the numbers simply don’t add up. When this happens you end up paying the difference out of your own pocket. You should not have to deal with this and yet you want your employees to have access to snacks, the best way to handle this is to add a vending machine to your break room.

We Have the Perfect Vending Machine for Your Break Room

No matter how much space you do or do not have in your break room, we have the perfect snack vending machine for your needs. We can provide you with a single full size machine that has both ice col sodas and snack or we have a table top model that holds snacks only. The choice is yours, but either way your employees do not get snacks this way unless they pay for them.