Combo Drink Snack Machines: The Future Is Futura

Not too long ago there were dark times for snack-eaters. You might remember–perhaps you had a 10-minute moment between classes, or maybe you had to suffer an abbreviated work break. Whatever the case, you were thirsty. So, in that brief respite during the work week, you happened across one of the ordinary snack machines: an oasis right there in the hallway!

Feebly, you fed it your dollar into the slot and looked into the glass. No, wait–this cannot be right. This machine only has cans? Or a different time: Only bottles?

Yes, we remember those times too, the sad days when ounces reigned over our spare change and dictated how much we could drink. We remember, and that is why we decided to do something about it.

Step aside machines of yore and meet the Futura, one of our premier combo drink snack machines. Gone are the days of drinking more or less than what you wanted. When you use a Futura vending machine, you get exactly what you pay for because our machines can carry both cans and bottles. A 12-oz root beer? You got it. A 16-oz green tea? Sure. With our special line of Futura machines, you have freedom of choice. Finally.