Chicago Issues Healthy Vending Challenge

eVendingIt is no surprise that healthy vending is here to stay, but the city of Chicago is looking to really drive home the point of low-calorie snacks. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently asked the city to participate in a citywide vending challenges in which businesses must alter the contents of their combo vending machines. While the City Council passed a healthy vending policy back in December, the Mayor is looking to take a more direct approach according to RedEye.

The challenge is simple: The businesses that chose to participate must swap out the salty chips and sugary sodas found in their vending machines in favor of nutritious juices and low-calorie munchies. In order to encourage a strict adherence to healthy vending, the city of Chicago is issuing a grading system for their machines: A bronze vending machine will be 50% healthy, a silver one will be 75% healthy, and a gold vending machine will be completely stocked with healthy snack options. Many businesses have already accepted the challenge, collectively creating over 100 healthy combo drink and snack machines for the city.

We are big believers in healthy vending here at eVending, and our vending machines for sale can be easily optimized for the calorie-conscious. No matter where you are, we strongly recommend making the shift to snacks that will keep your community healthy and happy!