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Vending Customers Get Pranked in New Video

May 13th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Combo vending machines - (Comments Off on Vending Customers Get Pranked in New Video)

Picture this: You just selected your favorite soda at your local combo vending machine. You reach down to grab your beverage, only to be snatched by a human hand! A few clever YouTubers wanted to see how everyday customers would react to an unexpected touch, and recorded their findings for all of the internet to see.

The Vegas pranksters got everyday passersby to reach into their vending machine under the pretense that they had a hurt back and couldn’t bend down. When the unsuspecting victims of the joke felt a human hand grab theirs, the result was almost universally some sort of surprised shriek. However, the prank was all in good fun, and everyone reacted amicably to the idea.

While the folks here at eVending have no plans on installing human hands inside our machines, we are always happy to provide a helping hand! From initial financing to machine maintenance, we are dedicated to making sure your vending machine business runs as smoothly as possible. Whether you are entering the industry for the very first time or are a weathered vending veteran, eVending has a machine for you. A veteran vending company, we will never tug your leg, or your hand for that matter!

New Laws Cracking Down on Tobacco Vending Machines

May 6th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Combo vending machines - (Comments Off on New Laws Cracking Down on Tobacco Vending Machines)

eVendingWhile the vending machine business continues to expand to sell everything from hot meals to expensive electronics, there is one product the industry is trying to phase out. While cigarette vending machines are almost as old as the business itself, new laws could make the tobacco dispensers obsolete.

According to ThisIsJersey.com, new legislation could potentially ban not only tobacoo vending machines, but also prominent displays of the product within stores. The potential law was voted 43 to two in favor of the tobacco ban. If successful, cigarette vending products will have to be removed from their respective establishments over the next 18 months. Perhaps the biggest part of tobacco marketing is the bevy of cigarette packs behind convenience store counters, so their removal would surely have a huge impact on the industry.

People will likely be split over this potential ban, as the move helps promote an overall healthy country while making cigarettes less acessible for smokers. It will be interesting to see how the legislation pans out, as well as whether or not store owners will replace their cigarette machines with more traditional combo vending machines. Even with the industry evolving every single day, this story proves the importance of making sure today’s machines are vending the right products.

Ice Cream Vending at the Airport

April 29th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Combo vending machines - (Comments Off on Ice Cream Vending at the Airport)

eVendingWhile the average airport is typically rife with combo vending machines, you usually have to hit up a pricey airport shop of you want a refreshing scoop of delicious ice cream. However, thanks to a creative-minded Ohio ice cream shop, you will be able to grab your favorite frozen flavor on the way to your flight with the same convenience that comes with buying a bag of chips.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has designed and installed two special ice cream vending machines for the Port Columbus airport. Once passengers pass through security, they are treated to the tasty machines, which dispense ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and frozen yogurt.

“We are pleased to offer our customers another quality concession option, and we appreciate the opportunity to partner with Jeni’s on their new self-service vending,” said Columbus Regional Airport Authority CEO Elaine Roberts. Customers craving ice cream on the way to their flight can use their credit and debit cards, allowing to quickly grab a refreshing treat before hitting the skies.

Just like our vending machines for sale keep customers happy in establishments all over the world, this innovative product is able to provide a classic dessert more conveniently than ever. Wherever you go, we wish you the very best in snacking!

Art Sold Through Old Cigarette Vending Machines

April 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Combo vending machines - (Comments Off on Art Sold Through Old Cigarette Vending Machines)

eVendingWhile many cigarette vending machines have become banned as of late, North Carolina-based artist Clark Whittington has found an all-new purpose for them. These former tobacco product dispensers have been renamed as “Art-o-Mat” machines, named after their sole purpose: To dispense mini-sized works of art to the public! In a world dominated by traditional drink and snack vending machines, Whittington’s work proves that there is always room for some retro-themed innovation.

This project started gaining steam around 1997, when Whittington installed his first machine in Winston-Salem in 1997. His re-purposed cigarette vending machines dispense black-and-white photos the size of cigarette packs for about a dollar, allowing just about anyone to enjoy the results of this unique vending creation. Whittington has turned over 100 cigarette machines into Art-o-Mat devices since he began the project, and he now has works featured everywhere from the Whitney Museum in NYC and Washington D.C.’s National Portrait Gallery. These vending machines have since expanded to feature everything from wearable art, notepads, small cartoons, and more.

We are constantly surprised and delighted whenever the vending machine business produces unique products like this, and we look forward to seeing the trend continue. Of course, if you are looking to enter the industry at a more base level, our vending machines for sale are a great place to start!

Dairy Farmers Make Use of Vending Machines

April 15th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Combo vending machines - (Comments Off on Dairy Farmers Make Use of Vending Machines)

eVendingWhile the food industry continues to grow more and more automated and pre-packaged, the farming industry continues to provide fresh, organic goods. However, even the farm world can benefit from the evolution of technology, and a group of farmers in Croatia have recently embraced vending machines to help further their dairy business.

According to SETimes.com, two dairy farmers in a Croatian village found a way to overcome the ailing farm economy in their area. They decided to begin selling their products directly through a nearby combo vending machine, giving customers automated access to their farm-grown goods. There are only 15 of these unique vending machines in Croatia, as various countries throughout southern Europe are picking up on the trend. Customers save a significant amount of money when buying their milk from these machines, and this new vending machine business model allows farmers to operate with an unprecedented level of independence.

As you can see, selling your product through a vending machine allows for direct access to numbers and frees business owners from the fees involved with selling at a store. If you are looking to jump into the industry and start earning extra revenue like never before, our vending machines for sale make an excellent place to start!

Oregon Tries to Cut Down Vending Machine Contents

April 8th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Combo vending machines - (Comments Off on Oregon Tries to Cut Down Vending Machine Contents)

eVendingWhether you have been following the official eVending blog or have simply been keeping up with the vending machine business, you likely know by now that the transition towards healthy vending isn’t going away anytime soon. From bans to regulations, different states are handling the issue in their own unique way. Like previous developments in Chicago, new legislation in the state of Oregon could potential remove high-calorie treats from all combo vending machines in the area.

According to OregonLive.com, the proposed House Bill 3403 would demand that vending machines only stock milk, juice, and beverages under 40 calories, which would all but eliminate sodas and high-calorie juices. The same rule goes for snacks, which would lead to common potato chips and candies being banned from machines. This vending machine legislation is only a footnote to a much larger issue happening in Oregon regarding gun control.

Do you think banning fatty snacks in vending machines is the issue, or should it be the responsibility of the everyday person to make wise snacking decisions? While people are obviously responsible for what they eat, healthy vending options allows consumers to eat well even when they need something quick on-the-go. Whatever change does occur, it is clear that healthy vending is here to stay.

Cantaloupe Systems Delivers Free Vending Machine iOS App

April 1st, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Combo vending machines - (Comments Off on Cantaloupe Systems Delivers Free Vending Machine iOS App)

eVendingWhile vending machines themselves are evolving every single day, there is very little external technology out there for vending operators. That is all about to change, thanks to a convenient new app from Cantaloupe Systems that just recently became available.

According to Vending Times, this cloud-based device is designed for vending route drivers and operators in order to make their day-to-day tasks much easier. Made to serve an alternative to the older VMS handheld devices, the “Seed Mobile” app makes data entry a breeze thanks to the simple and sleek touchscreen functionality of iPhones, iPads, and iPods. This version of the app has four basic functions: Photo Audit, Video Audit, List View, and Status Markers. Each of these features allow for seamless communication between driver and operator, making the process of maintaining a combo vending machine significantly easier.

Among the many great benefits that the Seed app poses to drivers and machine owners is the fact that the app is free, and that Apple smartphones and tablets are typically much less expensive than the average handheld computer. And considering most people already own an iPhone, the app essentially provides a free management system for any business. This is certainly an exciting development for the vending machine business, and we look forward to more vending-friendly apps in the future!

Chicago Issues Healthy Vending Challenge

March 25th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Combo vending machines - (Comments Off on Chicago Issues Healthy Vending Challenge)

eVendingIt is no surprise that healthy vending is here to stay, but the city of Chicago is looking to really drive home the point of low-calorie snacks. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently asked the city to participate in a citywide vending challenges in which businesses must alter the contents of their combo vending machines. While the City Council passed a healthy vending policy back in December, the Mayor is looking to take a more direct approach according to RedEye.

The challenge is simple: The businesses that chose to participate must swap out the salty chips and sugary sodas found in their vending machines in favor of nutritious juices and low-calorie munchies. In order to encourage a strict adherence to healthy vending, the city of Chicago is issuing a grading system for their machines: A bronze vending machine will be 50% healthy, a silver one will be 75% healthy, and a gold vending machine will be completely stocked with healthy snack options. Many businesses have already accepted the challenge, collectively creating over 100 healthy combo drink and snack machines for the city.

We are big believers in healthy vending here at eVending, and our vending machines for sale can be easily optimized for the calorie-conscious. No matter where you are, we strongly recommend making the shift to snacks that will keep your community healthy and happy!

Vending Machine Snacks are the Stars of New Mobile Game

March 18th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Combo vending machines - (Comments Off on Vending Machine Snacks are the Stars of New Mobile Game)

eVendingThe world of vending machines has found itself all over mainstream media lately. No matter where you are, you have likely seen vending machines on television, in the movies, and, in video games? That’s right–Vending’s latest leap into everyday media comes in the form of a fun little mobile game starring a vending machine and its snacks.

According to Vending Times, “Vend Drama” is an all new app for Apple devices that challenges players to help certain snacks “escape” a vending machine, without stopping up the machine in the process. This is a fun poke at the all-too familiar scenario of snacks getting stuck in your favorite combo vending machine, and actually makes for an interesting take on the puzzle game genre. Players must tilt their smartphone or tablet to successfully guide the snacks out of the machine, as moving too fast or too slow will result in treats getting left behind.

“Gamers will truly enjoy playing Vend Drama. In fact, they may never look at a vending machine the same way again!” said developer Con Roditis on the game, which can be downloaded for free on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. “Vend Drama” certainly looks like a ton of fun, and could very well change the way you approach your local combo drink and snack machine!

Fresh Coffee Around the Clock

March 11th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Combo vending machines - (Comments Off on Fresh Coffee Around the Clock)

eVendingCoffee and college go together like milk and sugar, but do students always have access to their favorite caffeinated beverage? While most college campuses feature a Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or some kind of coffee cafe, these establishments typically close their doors in the evening, leaving students hunting for sodas in their hallway combo vending machines. However, a new machine at Hampshire College in Massachusetts is giving college-goers a brand new way to grab a cup of joe.

According to Fresh Healthy Vending, the all new “Cafe” machine will keep hardworking students caffeinated all through the wee hours of the night. While many drink vending machines have pre-packaged frapuccinos, the Cafe machine will fresh brew a cup of coffee for every order, giving Hampshire attendees 24-7 access to that signature coffee shop taste. This machine will likely see heavy use all throughout the school year, especially in May when finals week draws near.

Vending machines and universities have always had a strong relationship, and machines are evolving to meet the needs of students better than ever before. Whether you employ the use of a forward thinking coffee machine or a classic combo vending machine, one thing is for sure: A vending-friendly campus is a happy one!