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Should You Buy Vending Machines Online

February 27th, 2012 | Posted by Ajax Union in Buy vending machines - (Comments Off on Should You Buy Vending Machines Online)

Should you buy vending machines online?

When you are ready to buy vending machines in the hopes of starting your own business, you can either find a local vendor to buy them from or you can buy them online.  While you might think that being able to see what you are buying in person before you buy it is a better idea, you may find that this is an unnecessary and ultimately costly expense you need to avoid. Online vending machine manufacturers are reliable and have a strong network of support for you new purchases. Reliability can be searched online with customer testimonies and social media. Knowing who you are buying vending machines from gives you the buyer that extra sense of security.

Save Money When You Buy Vending Machines Online

One of the best reasons to buy vending machines online is that you are going to be able to get the machines you want at much lower prices than you would if you tried to buy them from a local vendor. You will find that most online retailers offer a satisfaction guarantee so that if you end up with a machine you do not like or is not suited to your purpose, you can exchange it or return it. This proves to be more cost effective for you the buyer. Better prices, more selection, and satisfaction guarantee means you get exactly what you want.

You Can Save Money with Used Vending Machines

February 24th, 2012 | Posted by Ajax Union in Vending machines - (Comments Off on You Can Save Money with Used Vending Machines)

If you are looking at buying vending machines to put in your plant, you may find that the cost of buying a number of new machines can be very cost prohibitive. Instead of letting the fact that your budget cannot afford new snack machines stop you from taking care of your employees, you should look into buying used vending machines instead.

We Sell Top Quality Used Vending Machines

From time to time we buy large quantities of used vending machines, each of these machines is then fully factory refurbished and will look and function as well as it did when it was brand new. As these machines are rated for indoor use only, they will be perfect for use in your plant and they are priced to meet your budgetary constraints. This way you can provide the kind of snack and soda services, you wanted to be able to provide your employees at a price you can afford.

You Can Make Money with Your Own Vending Machine Business

February 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Ajax Union in Vending machine business - (Comments Off on You Can Make Money with Your Own Vending Machine Business)

The only way to really get ahead in today’s economy is to own a business of your own. While many businesses can take tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started, you can start your own vending machine business with no more than one machine that is strategically located. As the profits start to roll in, you can always add more machines and watch your business grow.

You Don’t Even Have to Start Your Vending Machine Business with New Vending Machines

While it would be nice to be able to start your vending machine business with brand new machines, there is nothing that says you have to. In fact you will find that by looking at our selections of used machines, you may be able to buy more machines and this can help you get off to a much better start in your new business.

Vending Machines Can be a Great Way to Make Money

February 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Ajax Union in Vending machines - (Comments Off on Vending Machines Can be a Great Way to Make Money)

Have you ever taken a moment to look around you at the number of vending machines that seem to be just about everywhere you go? Studies show that this is a market that is going to continue to grow exponentially for the foreseeable future. This means that if you are looking for a turnkey business that has the potential to be very profitable, owning a number of snack machines might be what you are looking for.

Modern Vending Machines Can Sell Just About Anything

Where once the only thing that you were likely to find in vending machines was candy or soda pop, today you can find machines that sell just about everything including foods that are actually good for you such as fruits, juices and milk. In Japan you can actually by hot meals from vending machines that even remember who you are and suggest foods based on your previous purchases.

Snack Vending Machines Make the Perfect Addition to Your Motel

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If your front desk staff are getting tired of telling your guests where the nearest convenience store is so that can get a snack and a cold soda, you should give serious consideration to putting in your own selection of snack vending machines. This way all of your guests will be able to get the snacks they cave, when they crave them.

Having Your Own Snack Vending Machines Can be Profitable

If your staff is sending your guests down the road for snacks, it means that they are also sending lots of money down the road as well. By putting in a selection of your own snack vending machines, you will not only be providing your guests with a much needed and appreciated service, but you will be able to make a tidy profit from all of the snack foods they buy. We carry a large selection of snack machines for you to choose from at very affordable prices.

Small Vending Machines Are Perfect for Break Rooms

February 17th, 2012 | Posted by Ajax Union in Small vending machines - (Comments Off on Small Vending Machines Are Perfect for Break Rooms)

If you are looking for the ideal solution to the need for a snack machine to go in your employee break room to replace the honor box that never has any money in it, you might want to consider one of our small vending machines. These machines stand a mere 25 inches tall, but despite their small stature offer plenty of choices.

Our Small Vending Machines Offer Lots of Choice

If you are wondering whether or not small vending machines are going to offer your employees enough choices or are going to take constant refilling, you will find that ours are perfect. Your employees will be able to choose from 14 different snacks and candies and the machine can hold up to 150 snacks, crackers and candies. They offer the ultimate solution to honor box problem of no snacks and no money in the box.

Finding Affordable Vending Machine Sales

February 16th, 2012 | Posted by Ajax Union in Vending machine sales - (Comments Off on Finding Affordable Vending Machine Sales)

Finding Affordable Vending Machine Sales

Looking for a vending machine that is affordable, but not finding any for sale? eVending has the answers you are looking for when it comes to purchasing a new vending machine or more. We help you every step of the way.
If you have been thinking about buying a few vending machines to start a business of your own or to place in existing businesses, you have probably contacted several places that offer vending machine sales to see what kind of deals they have. The problem with many companies is that if you buy their vending machines, you are stuck buying your supplies from the as well. The combination may not be the most affordable option.

We Offer Commitment Free Vending Machine Sales

Not only do we have a full range of used and new affordable vending machine sales, we offer the lowest prices on our machines. Most importantly of all, you are free to buy your supplies from anywhere you choose giving you the option of having the most affordable sales for your customers to increase your business. What you choose to put in them, how you price it and where you buy your supplies from are totally up to you. We can even supply you with cashless vending machines for your credit card customers. Finding affordable vending machine sales is easy when you check out eVendings high quality vending machines for your business. Give us a call and let us help solve your dilemma.

Add a Snack Machine to Your Waiting Area

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As the owner of an auto repair shop, you have provided a waiting area for those customers who either want to or have no choice but to wait for the repairs on their car to be completed. While you can provide them with free coffee, you should consider installing a snack machine to go with all of that free coffee for a couple of good reasons.

A Snack Machine Can Keep Your Customers from Getting Hungry

As any service writer can tell you, there is nothing harder to deal with than a customer who is waiting on their car, unless it is someone who is not only waiting for their car but is also getting very hungry. The best way to handle this situation is to put a snack machine in your waiting room. This way not only will you keep your customers from getting too hungry; you can make a little extra money at the same time.