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Eco-Friendly Vending Cuts Costs

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custom vending machineMore people, including those who run vending businesses, are becoming more environmentally conscious. eVending is happy to count itself among the vending machine companies that make it easy for customers to pick eco-friendly options.

The benefits of these machines don’t just stop at being friendly to the planet. They are good for your wallet, as well. Machines with long life LED lighting and LED credit displays mean that lights need to be replaced less often, lowering their impact, and saving energy during operation. CFC-Free R134a modular refrigeration systems use less energy and won’t damage the ozone layer. Eurothane high efficency insulation means that machines use less energy keeping drinks cold. Remote vending monitoring allows you to save gas by checking machine inventory and revenue without having to physically travel to your machines. Fewer in-person checks means less gas used and less wear and tear on your car. All of this saves you money and helps your business’s bottom line.

Are you ready to upgrade your existing machines or expand your route? Give us a call, we would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions that you may have. We have a number of vending machines for sale, including energy-saving mini vending machines and combo drink snack machines.

Trending Toward Cashless Vending

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vending machine companiesAt the current time, vending machine companies say that 93% of all vending machines lack cashless options. But, that may change soon. A few of the reasons to go cashless in your future snack machines:

  • More customers. Many people never carry cash. Allowing them to swipe a card instead means that they can always use your machines. Research indicates that sales increase by 30% when you add credit card readers to your machines.
  • It’s a cleaner option. 94% of all dollar bills in the US carry some sort of pathogens.
  • Less vulnerability to theft. Experts say that Americans lose billions of dollars in thefts of cash every year. Cashless vending is a safe and secure alternative.
  • Convenience. When you buy vending machines that offer credit card readers and remote vending management, you can check your profits and inventory without having to physically visit your machine. Log on from home or on the go on your smart phone.

Are you in the market for new, upgraded options for your vending machines? Contact us to learn more about vending machine combo options, cashless vending and convenient remote monitoring systems.

Library Vending Solutions

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Vending Machines for Sale

EnvisionWare Library Vending

eVending is always interested in new and unique ways of utilize vending technology, and a library system in Oklahoma has announced that they plan to launch a vending service that collects and vends library books outside of normal library hours.

This will be the nation’s first 24-hour automated library vending machine and is able to hold over 400 books, audiobooks and DVDs. In addition to dishing out good reads, these machines are also able to store up to 1,000 returned books and other items. In a time when libraries often lack to budget and funding for long operating hours and are frequently understaffed, vending machines like these could provide a viable solution.

These library vending machines from EnvisionWare can also be used outside of library facilities to give people more access to books and media at other popular locations throughout a community. The size of these machines does make it a major installation, but it is still smaller than opening up an entire new branch of a library.

Vending, whether its for food and drinks like snack machines or any other service, are all about offering convenience and these new library vending machines definitely deliver!

Healthy Vending Options in Hospitals

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British hospitals are receiving criticism for their vending machine selections. Snack vending machines in English hospitals offer a fairly standard line-up of snack choices. The criticism is due to the lack of healthy choices and a tendency to offer high-calorie snacks from vending machines in an establishment that is supposed to promote and exemplify health.

A survey performed by the World Cancer Research Fund found that 73% of English health trusts do not have a policy on the food sold in their vending machines. 67% of hospitals that responded stated that they offered at least one healthier option for each product type, but that falls behind Welsh and Scottish policies. In both other nations, their governments have had guidelines in place for hospital vending machines since 2008 that recommend they be stocked with at least 30% healthier choice products.

The main concern comes from high-calorie snacks’ relation with obesity, which is a factor in the hospitalization of many patients that the snacks will be sold to, as well as making sure health providers send a clear message on good nutrition. While common vending machine snacks will still be sold, offering healthier options will give patients, staff and visitors that are often in hospitals for long periods of time options that will be better for their diets.

eVending has found that policies and guidelines similar to those in currently in place in the United Kingdom are taking hold in many US hospitals, giving patients, staff and visitors healthier vending options.

buy vending machinesFor more than 80 years, vending machines have been our specialty. In that time, our industry of choice has seen its share of innovations. From early coin-operated gumball machines to the ubiquitous cigarette dispensers of the 1940s, to finally the combo drink snack machines of today, eVending has thrived through it all. One of our latest breakthroughs is the development of environmentally friendly snack machines.

Because the nature of our business demands constant energy, we wanted to make sure our products were efficient without compromising quality. Our engineers have implemented the latest in electrical, lighting, insulation, and refrigeration technology to ensure our vending machines not only meet market standards, but exceed them with state-of-the-art features. These include long-lasting LED lighting, airtight urethane insulation, and wireless access to cut costs on driving.

In addition to these innovations, our electrostatic paint undergoes an extensive pre-wash procedure that recycles water for several stages and recovers 99.9% of unused paint for subsequent parts. Our dedication to compact and functional design also allows for low power consumption, with an average rate of only 2.5 Amps. We not only design eco-friendly vending machines, but have created a building process that is eco-friendly in itself! How is that for refreshing?

Just because your snack machines are spread out and operating independently, does not mean you are stretched too thin when it comes to managing them. We have paired our Futura combo vending machine with the leading software in vending management: Vend-Trak.

With Vend-Trak, you can oversee your entire business from your home, office, and more. In fact, because Vend-Trak is web-based, you can access the software anywhere with an Internet connection; there is absolutely nothing to install. More than convenience, our software provides complete security. The Vend-Trak servers are backed up daily, meaning you never have to worry about losing data due to personal computer failure.

From wherever you are, Vend-Trak delivers your products, inventory, and expenses with just a few keystrokes. The software is at once user-friendly and extremely detailed. Vend-Trak will even suggest which one of your combo vending machines to service next.

We are all about saving you time, and with our bundled software, we make it easy. Vend-Trak comes with built-in Google Maps, so you always know where you are going and how much product to bring with printable inventory sheets. Without our software, vending business owners lose up to 30% of their income due to inefficiency. With eVending, you earn everything!

Go Cashless

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buy vending machinesIn such a technologically advanced age, it is surprising anyone carries cash anymore. In a few more decades, physical currency may become obsolete. There are already talks of getting rid of coins. So what does this mean for vending machines? Well, many vending machines for sale are already making the switch to cashless, or rather, they accept both cash and debit/credit cards.

Utilizing one of our vending machines for sale that accepts credit and debit cards will open up your customer base. If most of the people you know rarely carry cash, do you expect them to ever have enough to buy something  from a vending machine? Obviously not. With a variety of payment options, you will never miss a potential sale. In a world that is already seeing other financial solutions, you, too, should stay ahead of the curve. Card-accepting machines also allow you to place vending machines in areas that might not have generated many sales before because of cash-only options.

eVending is proud to offer a wide selection of machines to meet customers’ needs, as well as offer flexible financing options. In the blink of an eye, you will have a vending machine fully stocked and ready to offer food and beverages to your customers!

A Table Top Vending Machine Is Perfect for Your Break Room

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When you own a small store that has an even smaller break room, you really do not have room for a full size vending machine filled with chips and candy. You’ve already made room for a soda machine, but that honor box has been more trouble than it was worth. This might be the perfect place for one of our table top models.

A Table Top Vending Machine Satisfies the Need

Rather than continuing dealing with an empty honor box that no one is paying for or listening to your employees whining incessantly about not having any snacks to eat on their breaks, you may find that a table top vending machine will satisfy their needs. Not only will they get the snacks that they crave, you will get the money that they have been cheating you out of for your snacks and you can still give to your favorite charity.

Replace Your Aging Vending Machine With Something More Efficient

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Vending machines are a piece of technology that has vastly improved over the years, what once was a machine that often ate coins, and only sometimes worked has become a piece of electronics that is designed to provide more options and take less resources while doing a more consistent job. When getting ready to choose a vending machine you need to look for one that will suit how you intend to use it.

When Replacing Your Vending Machine Look for one that Takes Less Electricity

An older vending machine is going to suck far too much electricity, if you have a few vending machines this power usage can add up fast. The newer machines are much more efficient and affordable to operate. This savings in energy can help to pay for the cost of newer and more reliable vending machines.

Have You Been Looking for a Vending Machine for Your Business?

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Although you might not realize it, many businesses are finding that they can make a tidy sum of money by simply placing a vending machine or two in there store or business. You can accomplish this, by contracting with a vending machine route company and have them pay you a percentage of their total sales for the privilege of placing their machines at your place of business, but this will not pay you much money.

It Is Far More Profitable To Own Your Vending Machine

The best way to make money from having a vending machine on your property is to own your machine outright. You can buy new machines or if you want to save money and still be able to provide your customers with ice cold sodas and a range of snacks, you can buy used vending machines that have been thoroughly cleaned and refurbished for far less.