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Dare to Be Tender Vending Campaign

September 9th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Snack Machines | Snack vending machines - (Comments Off on Dare to Be Tender Vending Campaign)

Modern societies are often criticized for our detachment from others. While we are more connected to each other than ever before through tools such as social media, emails, cell phones, and text-messages, face-to-face interactions and awareness of what is around us are suffering. One chocolate company is working to help us unite and “Dare to Be Tender” in their new marketing campaign that employs a very purple cow.

Swiss chocolate company Milka introduced a new vending machine in a public area in Argentina that encourages strangers to come together and join hands with one another in order to create a “chain of tenderness” between their chocolate snack machine and a branded purple cow statue. Once enough hands were joined to connect the statue’s hoof to a large button on the machine, free chocolate bars dispensed for all those participating.

As the vending continued throughout the day, the cow statue was moved farther and farther away from the machine, requiring more and more people to join hands. eVending agrees that there are few things more joyous than receiving free chocolate bars and this video created by Milka of this cultural-awareness lesson by a vending machine is very fun to watch.

Healthy Vending Options in Hospitals

August 12th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Snack vending machines | Vending machine - (Comments Off on Healthy Vending Options in Hospitals)

British hospitals are receiving criticism for their vending machine selections. Snack vending machines in English hospitals offer a fairly standard line-up of snack choices. The criticism is due to the lack of healthy choices and a tendency to offer high-calorie snacks from vending machines in an establishment that is supposed to promote and exemplify health.

A survey performed by the World Cancer Research Fund found that 73% of English health trusts do not have a policy on the food sold in their vending machines. 67% of hospitals that responded stated that they offered at least one healthier option for each product type, but that falls behind Welsh and Scottish policies. In both other nations, their governments have had guidelines in place for hospital vending machines since 2008 that recommend they be stocked with at least 30% healthier choice products.

The main concern comes from high-calorie snacks’ relation with obesity, which is a factor in the hospitalization of many patients that the snacks will be sold to, as well as making sure health providers send a clear message on good nutrition. While common vending machine snacks will still be sold, offering healthier options will give patients, staff and visitors that are often in hospitals for long periods of time options that will be better for their diets.

eVending has found that policies and guidelines similar to those in currently in place in the United Kingdom are taking hold in many US hospitals, giving patients, staff and visitors healthier vending options.

Top 5 Snack Vending Machine Selections

July 29th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Snack Machines | Snack vending machines - (Comments Off on Top 5 Snack Vending Machine Selections)

Combo Drink Snack MachinesAll of us have our go-to snacks and drinks that we have to have during a trip to the vending machine. Maybe you enjoy a satisfying granola bar, like to satisfy your sweet tooth with a candy bar, or munch on a savory bag of potato chips. Whatever your snacking favorite might be, there are certainly some snacks that stand out as vending machine all-time favorites. There is a huge variety in the types of things snack machines can vend, and many locations have specialized selections, but here are the five top-selling snacks according to American Merchandiser:

  1. Snickers
  2. Doritos Big Grab
  3. Peanut M&Ms
  4. Cheetos
  5. Cheez-It Original

While your favorite snack might not have made the cut for the Top 5 list, the results do include snacks and treats that just about anyone who has visited a vending machine has selected. After reviewing the list, did you see any selections that you have memorized the number and letter combination of?

eVending has been around long enough to see more than a few snack options come and go, but we agree that these top selling snacks have stood the test of time and season after season keep vending patrons coming back for a quick snack.

Vending Machines Play Key Role in “Parenthood” Episode

January 28th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Snack vending machines - (Comments Off on Vending Machines Play Key Role in “Parenthood” Episode)

eVendingHere at the eVending blog, we spend each week discussing new and exciting news stories in the vending industry, from new machines to advanced technology. However, it is not very often that a vending machine is at the center of a popular TV show like it was this week.

According to the Vending Times, hit NBC comedy “Parenthood” kicked off its fourth season focusing on a young boy’s grief in the wake of snack vending machines being removed from his school’s campus. The boy’s mother then sets out to find a way to get the machines back in the school. The episode’s conclusion was a timely and realistic one: The school eventually brings the vending machines back into their facilities, albeit with much healthier snacking options.

“We applaud the creators and writers of Parenthood and NBC-TV for featuring a real-life view of vending,” NAMA VP Roni Moore told the Vending Times.

We find it very inspiring to not only have our industry at the forefront of a television episode, but also to see the growing trend toward healthy vending find its way into the mainstream. If you are looking to provide this same level of calorie-conscious vending at your establishment, our vending machines for sale are the perfect way to start!

Generate Vending Business Anywhere You Work

November 5th, 2012 | Posted by Ajax Union in Snack vending machines - (Comments Off on Generate Vending Business Anywhere You Work)

If you follow eVending or are a current customer, you already know we have some of the industry’s best vending machines for sale. Whether you just purchased one of our combo drink and snack vending machines or are looking to invest in one, let us look at the variety of establishments that can benefit from our products.

There are plenty of obvious businesses that can easily generate extra money with the help of a vending machine. Schools, offices, fitness centers, and just about any establishment with heavy public traffic are all no-brainers when it comes to adding a snack machine. But what about some less common ones? Even if you run a small grocery and think you generate enough business within your shop, a vending machine near the exit of your store or outside of it can prompt customers to make some impulse purchases that will help you profit. Do you have a home office or simply have a high frequency of house guests? Why not add a vending machine to your own home? Aside from the fun novelty of having your own machine, you can make a little extra money from your hungry friends and associates.

These are just a few of the endless applications for our top-of-the-line vending products. Between our advanced Futura machines and our more compact mini vending machines, there is no business too small or large for our services.

buy vending machinesFor more than 80 years, vending machines have been our specialty. In that time, our industry of choice has seen its share of innovations. From early coin-operated gumball machines to the ubiquitous cigarette dispensers of the 1940s, to finally the combo drink snack machines of today, eVending has thrived through it all. One of our latest breakthroughs is the development of environmentally friendly snack machines.

Because the nature of our business demands constant energy, we wanted to make sure our products were efficient without compromising quality. Our engineers have implemented the latest in electrical, lighting, insulation, and refrigeration technology to ensure our vending machines not only meet market standards, but exceed them with state-of-the-art features. These include long-lasting LED lighting, airtight urethane insulation, and wireless access to cut costs on driving.

In addition to these innovations, our electrostatic paint undergoes an extensive pre-wash procedure that recycles water for several stages and recovers 99.9% of unused paint for subsequent parts. Our dedication to compact and functional design also allows for low power consumption, with an average rate of only 2.5 Amps. We not only design eco-friendly vending machines, but have created a building process that is eco-friendly in itself! How is that for refreshing?

Just because your snack machines are spread out and operating independently, does not mean you are stretched too thin when it comes to managing them. We have paired our Futura combo vending machine with the leading software in vending management: Vend-Trak.

With Vend-Trak, you can oversee your entire business from your home, office, and more. In fact, because Vend-Trak is web-based, you can access the software anywhere with an Internet connection; there is absolutely nothing to install. More than convenience, our software provides complete security. The Vend-Trak servers are backed up daily, meaning you never have to worry about losing data due to personal computer failure.

From wherever you are, Vend-Trak delivers your products, inventory, and expenses with just a few keystrokes. The software is at once user-friendly and extremely detailed. Vend-Trak will even suggest which one of your combo vending machines to service next.

We are all about saving you time, and with our bundled software, we make it easy. Vend-Trak comes with built-in Google Maps, so you always know where you are going and how much product to bring with printable inventory sheets. Without our software, vending business owners lose up to 30% of their income due to inefficiency. With eVending, you earn everything!

A Variety of Vending Options

September 12th, 2012 | Posted by Ajax Union in Snack vending machines | Vending machines - (Comments Off on A Variety of Vending Options)

buy vending machinesAt eVending we are proud to offer a great selection of vending machines for sale, for both small and large vending solutions. What you choose to stock the machines with, though, is entirely up to you. Most customers choose the typical snacks: chips, candy, crackers, soda, water, etc. With all the concern about health and obesity in America, customers should think about putting in a variety of options to please everyone.

Choosing to go either all healthy or all unhealthy is a poor choice. Those watching their food intake will be inclined to go elsewhere for a quick snack–a lost opportunity. Likewise, sometimes we want to indulge in a sweet treat or soda. Variety truly is the spice of life and you want to keep customers coming back, especially if the combo vending machine is going to be in an office. Sometimes employees need an energy boost and do not have time to run out of for a full meal. That “boost” may be a craving for a Snickers or for a healthy granola bar. Can you supply them?

We will provide quality machines, but it is up to you to offer the right food. Our machines are equipped to handle an assortment of bottles and cans of beverages, various size snacks, and even pastries and other food.

Snack Vending Machines Could Be Your Path to a New Career

June 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Ajax Union in Snack vending machines - (Comments Off on Snack Vending Machines Could Be Your Path to a New Career)

Have you had enough of the 9 to 5 and working for someone else that does not appreciate you? Do you want to forge your own path and be in control of how far you can go? Going into business for yourself can feel like risky business, but if you start with snack vending machines you can start small, keep your other job and build your business a bit at a time.

Snack Vending Machines are Affordable and Don’t Require Constant Attention

There are not many businesses you can start in that doesn’t require your constant attention, as well as a lot of time and energy. Once you know where you are going to place your snack vending machines your fledgling business can take care of itself, except for the time you spend restocking your machines and collecting your money.

Are Snack Vending Machines Really Capable of Making Money for You?

June 15th, 2012 | Posted by Ajax Union in Snack vending machines - (Comments Off on Are Snack Vending Machines Really Capable of Making Money for You?)

Even though it can seem that there are more than enough snack vending machines everywhere you look, the majority of them are not as you might assume owned by big companies, many of them are privately owned. In fact you might be even more surprised to learn that owning a selection of vending machines can prove to be a very profitable business.

Snack Vending Machines Are the Ideal Way to Get Started In Your Own Business

If you are among the millions of people looking for to start their own business with limited funding, you will find that you can start this type of business with no more than one or two snack vending machines. In fact you can get started while still working your full time job and build the business in your spare time until it is big enough to support you or keep it going as a second income to help towards your retirement.