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Top 5 Snack Vending Machine Selections

July 29th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Snack Machines | Snack vending machines - (Comments Off on Top 5 Snack Vending Machine Selections)

Combo Drink Snack MachinesAll of us have our go-to snacks and drinks that we have to have during a trip to the vending machine. Maybe you enjoy a satisfying granola bar, like to satisfy your sweet tooth with a candy bar, or munch on a savory bag of potato chips. Whatever your snacking favorite might be, there are certainly some snacks that stand out as vending machine all-time favorites. There is a huge variety in the types of things snack machines can vend, and many locations have specialized selections, but here are the five top-selling snacks according to American Merchandiser:

  1. Snickers
  2. Doritos Big Grab
  3. Peanut M&Ms
  4. Cheetos
  5. Cheez-It Original

While your favorite snack might not have made the cut for the Top 5 list, the results do include snacks and treats that just about anyone who has visited a vending machine has selected. After reviewing the list, did you see any selections that you have memorized the number and letter combination of?

eVending has been around long enough to see more than a few snack options come and go, but we agree that these top selling snacks have stood the test of time and season after season keep vending patrons coming back for a quick snack.

A Coffee Vending Machine That Knows When You Yawn?

July 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Combo vending machines - (Comments Off on A Coffee Vending Machine That Knows When You Yawn?)

Vending machine manufacturers are always coming up with clever ways to market their products, and we’ve certainly just seen one of the most unique marketing campaigns yet. Everyone loves coffee vending machines as it is, but could you imagine one that knows when you’re tired and need some java most? According to Eater, Coffee brand Douwe Egberts decided to try the concept out, and put the results up for public viewing on YouTube.

In order to attract sleepy coffee addicts, Douwe Egberts planted a special vending machine in a Johannesburg airport that dispensed free coffee upon “seeing” a customer yawn. This was done via facial recognition technology, and the customers in the YouTube video are pleasantly surprised when their sleep-deprived state earns them a complimentary cup of Java. This isn’t the first example of facial recognition technology being used in vending units, as manufacturers are experimenting with the concept to deliver more personalized customer service. We’re not sure if yawn-detectors will become a staple of the vending industry, but they’re certainly an innovative move from a marketing standpoint.

Whether you want to be on the front lines of the vending industry or would prefer to sell the classics to your customers, visit eVending today and learn how to become a part of this exciting business!

What if You Could Vend a Sound?

July 15th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Combo vending machines - (Comments Off on What if You Could Vend a Sound?)

Vending machines are a deeply ingrained part of our history for the better part of the last century, ranging from the world’s first gumball machine to the fully-featured combo vending machines we currently enjoy everyday. And while there are a variety of unique vending devices out there today, a recent report from Gizmodo reveals that companies have been experimenting with the vending machine model for decades.

We buy snacks and sodas from vending machines just about every single day, but what if we could buy sounds? That’s what a few coin-op engineers were wondering when they created a coin-operated radio. It worked very much like a classic vending device; All a user had to do was put their money in and they were able to hear music for a set amount of time with the option to buy more at the end of a five-minute session. And while the concept seems silly in an age where we hear music just by walking around outside, the model can be seen as a precursor to today’s music subscription services such as Spotify and Sony Music.

While it may no longer be necessary to vend music out of a vending machine, this classic find reminds us that innovation has always existed within our exciting industry. If you’re ready to get in on the action, browse the vending machines for sale at eVending.com today!

Going Cashless For Extra Convenience

July 8th, 2013 | Posted by Ajax Union in Combo vending machines - (Comments Off on Going Cashless For Extra Convenience)

eVendingPeople love vending machines for the instant convenience they provide, as well as their ability to consistently evolve alongside the needs of customers. Cashless spending has become the go-to transaction method for most consumers, so it’s only natural that snack enthusiasts prefer to pay for their products without having to dig into their wallets for dollar bills. Thanks to eVending, you can provide classic combo vending machine options while also allowing customers to enjoy the instant efficiency of credit and debit card payments.

We’re always looking to outfit our vending products with the very best technology in the business, and we are proud to offer credit card readers\ for our full line of machines. Whether you just purchased a Futura machine for your busy office or a mini vending machine for your reception area, our credit card add-ons will bring even more revenue to your establishment.

Our digital card reader benefits the operator as much  as it does the customer, as machine owners can access important transaction data remotely once they’ve installed the device. Want to run your business on the go? This is the product for you.

Not everyone carries cash on them anymore, but everyone gets hungry for a great snack. Thanks to the cashless options available on eVending.com, your customers can enjoy chips, colas, and more without lifting a single bill!