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buy vending machinesFor more than 80 years, vending machines have been our specialty. In that time, our industry of choice has seen its share of innovations. From early coin-operated gumball machines to the ubiquitous cigarette dispensers of the 1940s, to finally the combo drink snack machines of today, eVending has thrived through it all. One of our latest breakthroughs is the development of environmentally friendly snack machines.

Because the nature of our business demands constant energy, we wanted to make sure our products were efficient without compromising quality. Our engineers have implemented the latest in electrical, lighting, insulation, and refrigeration technology to ensure our vending machines not only meet market standards, but exceed them with state-of-the-art features. These include long-lasting LED lighting, airtight urethane insulation, and wireless access to cut costs on driving.

In addition to these innovations, our electrostatic paint undergoes an extensive pre-wash procedure that recycles water for several stages and recovers 99.9% of unused paint for subsequent parts. Our dedication to compact and functional design also allows for low power consumption, with an average rate of only 2.5 Amps. We not only design eco-friendly vending machines, but have created a building process that is eco-friendly in itself! How is that for refreshing?

Just because your snack machines are spread out and operating independently, does not mean you are stretched too thin when it comes to managing them. We have paired our Futura combo vending machine with the leading software in vending management: Vend-Trak.

With Vend-Trak, you can oversee your entire business from your home, office, and more. In fact, because Vend-Trak is web-based, you can access the software anywhere with an Internet connection; there is absolutely nothing to install. More than convenience, our software provides complete security. The Vend-Trak servers are backed up daily, meaning you never have to worry about losing data due to personal computer failure.

From wherever you are, Vend-Trak delivers your products, inventory, and expenses with just a few keystrokes. The software is at once user-friendly and extremely detailed. Vend-Trak will even suggest which one of your combo vending machines to service next.

We are all about saving you time, and with our bundled software, we make it easy. Vend-Trak comes with built-in Google Maps, so you always know where you are going and how much product to bring with printable inventory sheets. Without our software, vending business owners lose up to 30% of their income due to inefficiency. With eVending, you earn everything!

No Payments for Three Months

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At eVending.com, we are confident in our line of quality snack machines, but we understand some customers may feel they cannot afford to purchase a machine. That is why we are now offering a special finance plan for all of our new customers, as well as several other benefits for our loyal customer base.

  1. combo vending machinesMake no payments for three months. When you buy vending machines from eVending.com, you do not have to make any payments for three entire months. Those are 90 worry-free days of watching your new customers delight in your Futura or mini vending machines.
  2. Enjoy a lifetime of toll-free technical phone support. You are never alone when you work with eVending. In addition to our standard five-year limited parts warranty, our technicians are here to help you with programming, energy usage, or any other questions you may have, Monday through Friday.  We also offer extensive email support. Should you require local assistance, we have more than 400 vending service centers nearby to give you one-on-one help.
  3. Receive replacement manuals via email. Sometimes you do not need extra assistance; you have simply misplaced the manual. No need to worry. Click here anytime to request another manual and we will send it to you right away.

Combo Drink Snack Machines: The Future Is Futura

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Not too long ago there were dark times for snack-eaters. You might remember–perhaps you had a 10-minute moment between classes, or maybe you had to suffer an abbreviated work break. Whatever the case, you were thirsty. So, in that brief respite during the work week, you happened across one of the ordinary snack machines: an oasis right there in the hallway!

Feebly, you fed it your dollar into the slot and looked into the glass. No, wait–this cannot be right. This machine only has cans? Or a different time: Only bottles?

Yes, we remember those times too, the sad days when ounces reigned over our spare change and dictated how much we could drink. We remember, and that is why we decided to do something about it.

Step aside machines of yore and meet the Futura, one of our premier combo drink snack machines. Gone are the days of drinking more or less than what you wanted. When you use a Futura vending machine, you get exactly what you pay for because our machines can carry both cans and bottles. A 12-oz root beer? You got it. A 16-oz green tea? Sure. With our special line of Futura machines, you have freedom of choice. Finally.