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A Combo Vending Machine Can Help Keep Your Employees Cool

May 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Ajax Union in Combo vending machines - (Comments Off on A Combo Vending Machine Can Help Keep Your Employees Cool)

cold soda and a snack, not only does this cause quite a bit of inconvenience to you but it slows down productivity. Maybe now would be a good time to add a combo vending machine to your break room and keep your people at work.

A Combo Vending Machine Offer the Best of Both Worlds

When the weather is cold you can get away with a fresh pot of coffee and a box of donuts, when the weather starts to heat up people want something cold to drink and the perfect snack to go with it. The combo vending machine will provide your employees with a choice of 8 ice cold drinks and 21 different snacks that will keep them happy and keep them at work.

We Are Vending Machine Sales Specialists

May 1st, 2012 | Posted by Ajax Union in Vending machine sales - (Comments Off on We Are Vending Machine Sales Specialists)

Finding somewhere that offers vending machine sales in your local area is not always easy, in fact unless you are really lucky, you are not going to find anyone that can sell you anything more than a beat up old machine that people can’t even use. If you are trying to start your own vending machine business, this is not exactly what you want.

Our Vending Machine Sales Include New and Refurbished Units

Since the last thing you want is to try and run a business on junk machines, you will find that our vending machine sales include both new and completely refurbished machines. This way you can choose the machines that best fit your needs and your budget and they all come complete with a warranty so that you know you can count on them to keep your business up and running for many years to come.