A Compact Table Top Vending Machine

mini vending machinePeople interested in vending machine solutions tend to think big. A large machine–taking up plenty of space in the breakroom–with dozens, upon dozens of choices. But what if your company only has 10 or less employees? What if you cannot afford, or rather, do not want to spend a great deal of money on a vending machine?

eVending has just the solution, one you most likely will not find amongst any other vending machine company. The table top snack vending machine is ideal for those who are either tight on space or money, or simply do not need a machine with 50 snack and drink choices. The machine will fit snugly on a countertop or table. It can fit 14 selections of chips, candy, and other snack goods and has an overall capacity of 150. With this countertop vending machine your employees will no longer be denied a mid-day snack just because there is little room in the office.

The mini vending machine is also energy efficient with an LED light and tempered glass display. It accepts coins as well as $1-$5 bills with an internal automatic vertical bill stacker. The machine offers flexibility and convenience for your snack needs. Visit our website to learn more and keep workers happy with a light snack!