A Brief History of Vending Machines

eVendingMost people have used vending machines for so long it is hard to imagine a world without them. That makes sense because vending machines have existed longer than most of our lifetimes. Although the combo drink and snack machines we see today have come a long way, the vending industry actually has a rich and interesting history.

While there possibly could have been machines dispensing holy water in Egyptian temples in 215 BC, the first commercial vending machines were invented in London in the 1880s to sell postcards. Around the same time, English publisher Richard Carlisle created a machine for vending books. America’s first vending machine came in 1988, when the Thomas Adams Gum Company installed tutti-trutti gum machines on train platforms. The iconic round gumball machines we still see today were created later, in 1907. Horn & Hardart had a similar idea in 1902 when they opened a restaurant run entirely on coin-operated machines. Finally, the drink vending machines that we know and love today took their first big steps during the 1940s thanks to Vendorlator Manufacturing Company.

After looking back at the history of the vending industry, one glance at our current vending machines for sale reveals a true testament to how far vending services have come. Our company has roots in the vending business since the beginning, so it is no surprise that we currently offer the products of the future.