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SINCE 1931
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Need a vending machine for your office? Starting a vending business? We can help.

Manufactured in the USA

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Futura Line Fabricator Futura Assembly Worker Row of Futura Vending Machines
eVending at 8040 University Blvd. in Clive Iowa

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We are “Manufactured in USA” … Since 1931

Another company telling you their combo vending machine is “Made in USA”? Ask them if it’s actually manufactured in the USA or if it’s shipped over from another country (China / India) with minor final assembly taking place once it reaches the United States. Ask them who the manufacturer is and have them put their statements in writing.

The Futura Combo vending machine is manufactured in Des Moines, Iowa USA starting with a raw roll of steel. You can visit us any time you’d like and take a plant tour to see the A to Z process of manufacturing vending machines.

Our 375,000 square-foot manufacturing facility does proudly manufacture a variety of snack and drink vending machines and employs approximately 400 people supporting many American families. We take great pride in that fact. You should to.

Where is the other guy's machine built?
Futura is built in the USA by manufacturer with 80 years in the industry.

How easy is the other machine to load?
It takes minutes to load Futura with easy loading snack and bottle trays. Machines made overseas are restrictive and difficult to stock.

Cost of Ownership?
A low selling price for a similar looking item made overseas can result in a high cost of ownership. Don't sacrifice quality for cost. This is an investment, not just a purchase.